Thank you for your interest in Forest Collective's tattoos.

Temporary tattoos generally last between 3-5 days. This duration is dependent on a few factors which will be covered below. Before usage, it is recommend that you familiarize yourself with these recommended tips to achieve best results.

Tattoo Stretching

Depending on the position of the tattoo, your skin type, the tattoo's size and color, fine stretch marks may appear on the tattoos. This is largely caused by regular twisting and stretching of skin areas, and more common on larger-sized tattoos with contrasting colors against the skin. Typically, the appearance of the tattoo is unaffected, and stretch marks are inconspicuous unless on close inspection. If you prefer to minimize tattoo stretching, consider using smaller-sized tattoos, and less contrasting colors against your skin tone. 

Tips on Application of Temporary Tattoos

  1. Larger towels: Use a towel large enough to cover the whole tattoo. Saturate the entire tattoo against your skin during application. Avoid wetting the tattoo one section at a time with a small towel. This is because slight movements between the tattoo sheet and your skin may cause uneven breaks in the design during the tattoo transfer.
  2. Skin lotion: After application, rinse the tattoo gently with water. We highly recommend using a skin lotion or vaseline to moisturise the skin thereafter. This minimizes the appearance of fine stretch marks and adds a thin protective layer to the tattoo.
  3. Mini-tattoos: Fine lines and details in the tattoo tend to wear off faster. This is especially so for mini-sized tattoos. Consider placing these mini tattoos on areas that are less exposed to wear, e.g. on the wrist, behind the ear, on the collar region, as opposed to say the sides of your palm that may rub against surfaces.
  4. Showering: Temporary tattoos are waterproof; therefore, you may shower after application. After showering, pat the tattoo areas gently when drying yourself. Rubbing your towel firmly against the tattoos will inevitably shorten the lifespan of the tattoos significantly.

Tips on Placement of Temporary Tattoos

  1. Ribs & sides: Avoid placing tattoos on areas that are prone to stretching, e.g. your ribs and sides of the body. Try areas such as your upper arm or lower arm instead.
  2. Upper arm: We recommend that the tattoo is applied on the outside of the arm whilst the arm is in its natural downward resting position. Avoid raising your arm during application as this may cause stretching to the tattoo when your arms are lowered.
  3. Lower arm: Good place for tattoos as it is highly visible. There is less skin movement and stretching. 
  4. Back: When applying a tattoo to your back, consider bending slightly forward to stretch the skin on your back slightly. Do not bend excessively. This may overstretch your skin and cause the tattoo to wrinkle when you eventually stand upright.

What you want is to stretch the skin slightly to provide allowance for movement and minimize fine stretch marks to the tattoo.

The Bleeding Rose is a popular tattoo design that looks beautiful on the skin. Fine stretch marks are normal due to its larger size and dark color that contrasts on fairer skin. Remember to apply lotion after tattoo application. Fine stretch marks are visible on close inspection but generally inconspicuous otherwise.

  1. Behind the ear: An elegant place to apply tattoos and minimizes tattoo stretching. 
  2. Collar: Tattoos are less susceptible to stretching when applied just below the collar region. Consider matching an off-shoulder top or dress, accentuated with an elegant tattoo.