Forest's Velvet Rose & Oud is inspired by Jo Malone's signature rose scent of the same name. An alluring scent of beauty, charm and mystery. Sensuous sweet notes of damask rose and smoky, luxurious oud wood combine for a velvety evening fragrance. 

Opening Notes: Clove
Heart Notes: Damask Rose
Base Notes: Oud wood

​Cloves are the unopened flower buds of the Clove Tree, grown in Indonesia. They are characteristically sweet and spicy, carrying hints of wood and wine. Traditionally a base note, Clove is used in Velvet Rose as an opening note to add a subtle dash of spice to this sensual fragrance.

Velvet rose and oud fragrance with cloves as an opening note. Cloves are the unripe flower buds of the clove tree.

Damask Rose
​The Damask rose grows in Turkey and produces floral, jammy-sweet notes. The classic deep rose scent is reminiscent of romance, elegance & sensuality.

Oud Wood
​Oud, also known as agarwood, is derived from the heartwoods of the Aquilaria Tree. The essential oils that are extracted from Oud are considered one of the most precious and rare oils in the world, and often labelled liquid gold. Oud has a balanced, woody and resinous scent. It gives body to sweet, floral notes. In Velvet Rose, Oud drifts delicately behind the rose, adding subtle depth and character.